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Gatehouse Training Centre
All dogs MUST be appropriately vaccinated. Please ensure you bring the health record on your first visit or your dog will not be allowed to participate in the class. Vaccinations must include annual shots including Parvo and Bordetella.

'Kennel Cough', otherwise known as Bordetella is a term that is commonly applied to the most prevalent upper respiratory problem in dogs. The condition has become known as tracheobronchitis, canine infectious tracheobronchitis, Bordetellosis, or Bordetella. It is highly contagious in dogs. The disease is found worldwide and will infect a very high percentage of dogs in their lifetime.
Important Notice: If it is determined by the instructor that a dog presents a behavioural issue or safety hazard the dog may be asked to leave the class. If it is determined the handler can not control their dog, the handler must be replaced or the dog and handler will be asked to leave the class. The dog and handler will receive a credit towards private classes to the value of the remainder of classes

You are welcome to bring guest(s), however the focus is training your dog. All guests must not interfere with any element of the training.
The cost of the course is $150.00 with HST by cash or cheque - There will be no refunds after the first class
Each session includes 8 classes
Durham, Ontario
Wednesday night or Saturday classes available
We use a balanced system of training where we teach you to have your dog respond appropriately. This appropriate behaviour is rewarded with positive reinforcement through physical and vocal praising. Commands are taught using vocal cues.

Having fun during training sessions is extremely important to ensure the dog associates training as a positive experience. It's equally important that we establish a solid foundation needed to begin our journey to a well trained dog. This first step will include plenty of praise and play. The training is simple, practical, effective, and essential for the dog. It teaches you, the handler, how to execute useful everyday commands that will allow you to not only have control of your dog. You will rewarded by their willingness to please you.

Attendance is important but life happens, if you are going to miss a class, please call. If class is cancelled due to weather you will get a call. You will always be able to make up the class another day to ensure you receive full value for your commitment to training. Come 10 to 15 minutes early so you can settle in and exercise your dog.
Exercise your dog so that we minimize any chance of mishaps in the ring. Some limited exercise before class is important to ensure the dog is not too excited before class and able to focus on learning. It is wise to feed your dog a small meal prior to class.

Attire - Please wear comfortable appropriate clothing and footwear.

Things you will need:
1) Collars may be flat, buckle collar, martingale collar, head halter, harness (prefer no-pull harness) or slip choker.
2) A regular nylon or leather leash not longer then 6 feet will suffice.
3) Bring a reward such as treats or a favourite toy.

The Benefits of obedience training include having a happy, obedient dog that is part of the family structure. Allowing your obedient dog to participate in the family structure helps avoid unwanted behaviours caused by boredom that may turn into destructive behaviour. Training creates challenges for both the dog and handler which in turn fosters relationship growth and enhances your ability to work as a cooperative team.
Keep it Simple
Be Consistent
Basic Obedience training